Black List

Grid Principles

Grid Principles is a creative agency that wholeheartedly believes that design connects people. They learn about you, your organization, and who you’re trying to reach. From there they craft a plan of action that will propel your brand and digital presence forward. Grid principles designed our logo, merch, and website.

Health Daddy Wow

Ten years ago, Frank was very sick and had to visit the emergency room. The doctor could not find anything wrong with him. Two days later, received an enormous hospital bill. From that point on something within Frank said that he would need to be solely responsible for his own health.

He started researching alternative natural health from various cultures such as African, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. Frank began to apply these methods to his daily living which resulted in utilizing various organic and herbal products. These products helped the healing process to start from his initial elements of high blood pressure, cholesterol, headaches and sinus issues. Later on, Frank wanted to share his new finding with other to promote healthier lifestyles. As a result, Health Daddy WOW was born.

Now at the age of 54 feels better and lively either than he did in his mid 30's. Now has extra energy and strength from the vegan lifestyle and taking the best herbal supplement from Health Daddy WOW. He is not afraid of getting older any longer. All of the previous symptoms of aches and pain, constipation are no longer issues and is much happier and can enjoy life with his family better.


Louisville Cream

Located at 632 E Market St #101, Louisville, KY 40202, Louisville Cream is one of the few Black owned businesses in Nulu (formerly Clarksdale housing projects). Louisville Cream is a small batch gourmet ice cream company located in Louisville, KY.  We're nuts about ice cream, so every batch is special and has lots of love go into it.  We make have our own menu staple flavors, some rotating seasonal flavors, and custom flavors for catering!


Meka's Little Store

They have THE BEST GRIPPO WINGS. And if you don't know what Grippo wings are, do yourself a favor and go there. NOW. Meka's Little Store is located on 26th & Hale Ave int he Parkland neighborhood.