Hoodies & Beanies & Bundles OH MY!

October 3, 2020


Wow. This year has been wild. Since June, #FeedTheWest has served more than 32,000 West End residents. #BlessTheBlock will give holiday gifts to 15,000 youth. The Parkland Boys & Girls Club continues to feed, clothe, and serve hundreds of families. Black Lives Matter Louisville is pushing for our city to #DefundPolice. 

So what does this have to do with selling apparel? 

Black Market KY has a reparations model. Rather than commit to plantation capitalism, we engage with a less transactional model. The reason we sell apparel is to offer a living wage to employees and fresh, affordable food from Black farmers to West End residents. This is about more than a hoodie. This about covering two hours of employment with every hoodie sale. We cover an hour of childcare for employees with every shirt sale. You need to get warm clothes anyway, so why not support food justice?

CLICK HERE to pre-order our winter apparel or buy a #FeedTheWest bundle for a family in need! We have hoodies, beanies, and masks for everyone of your gift list. Remember to shop local and buy Black this holiday season.