Volunteer Post: Skylar

November 20, 2020

Black Market KY would not exist without our dedicated volunteers. As we get closer to the opening, we want to highlight some of the people who have helped us bring this vision to fruition! Today we have a volunteer post from Skylar.

Volunteering for Black Market KY has been an incredible experience. Seeing the vision of Shauntrice Martin come to life over the last few months was almost as rewarding as seeing the response from the Russell Community. During my volunteering, I’ve met countless community members offering help and excitement. Through organized volunteer days, I have seen people from all over Louisville and beyond show up to paint, landscape, and more. If they couldn’t volunteer many more donated supplies, food, water, and anything we needed to see Black Market through. On every occasion, each volunteer went above and beyond to make others feel welcomed, do what was needed to complete tasks, and offer support. From moving sod, painting the building, cleaning a refrigerator, removing bushes, trash clean up, and helping set up for events each experience has far exceeded my expectations.

Volunteering for Black Market has been near to my heart for many reasons. I grew up in a rural food desert and saw the effects of this on the health of residents in my hometown. Working to eliminate food deserts and food disparities is so important.  Also, Shauntrice has been working hard to uplift and support Black farmers throughout the state. Coming from a farming community, this direct support to farmers shows the dedication Shauntrice has to not only providing fresh food but supporting those who grow it as well. Lastly, uplifting Black Women and working towards Black liberation is an important step in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. As a white woman, I wanted to go beyond holding a sign and put work into the communities. By volunteering your time to Black Market, you are volunteering your time to long-lasting change.

Highly recommend signing up for any volunteer position.

- Skylar Davis